Wood Fences

Durable fence with real wood

The Traditional look of a wood fence remains a popular choice for Central Florida consumers today. People love the new cedar fence look, but many still prefer the more traditional white picket fence. Overall, wood remains a popular option. Wood fences don’t just act as a physical barrier for the outsiders but they also immensely enhance the aesthetic features of your dwelling. Long gone are the days when wood fences were defined by only the white colored picket fences (though the picket fence style is still in). But along with the picket fence there are many wood fence styles that might hold your attention:

Picket Wood Fence This is the traditional type of wood fence, one that you might have seen around your granny’s house. But don’t mistake it as a very simple one because the picket fences come in a wide range of designs. The picket wood fence style is still very famous as it suits almost all types of houses as it comes in various themes.
Privacy Wood Fence The typical wooden privacy fence is made by putting large wooden boards together without any crack in between them. This type of wood fencing provides almost complete privacy to the yard and makes it impossible for the outsiders to peep in. Semi Privacy Wood Fence The semi privacy wood fences are a bit different than the privacy fences. In these, the wood boards are 2-3 inches apart from each other which obviously makes the fencing semi private.